Aztrid Shoes Reviews

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Very chic-looking 😍
True to size

Nice design.

B1G2 Daylin Bone

Nice fit and comfy, mom wants it too.

B1G2 Glenn Tan
Romelyn C.

I love this. Magaan and easy to wear. Looks great too.

B1G2 Audrey Black
Romelyn C.

Comfortable to wear. And looks sturdy and strong

A little small for my mom that has wide feet. Her usual size is 8.
It fits my feet pretty well. My usual size is 7.


Material is very nice and it looks nice but it gave me blisters. :((

B1G2 Denara Nude
Maricon P.
Denara nude

Ang ganda niya sa paa and comfy

B1G2 Mariza Bone
Cristina G.

simple pero maganda...comfortable isuot and very nice talaga ung shoes.

B1G2 Beatrix Black
Cristina G.

very comfy ng shoes na to ang sarap isuot..good quality and napakaganda.

B1G2 Eya Bone
Cristina G.

very elegant and ganda ng shoes..good quality and worth the price naman talaga

B1G2 Daphne Nude
Worth the price!

Bought 3 pairs 'cause I was "budoled" by the BIGBUNDLE promo loI. I grabbed the chance. And true enough it is what you really see in the site! I'm impressed as a first time buyer. We'll see when's my next splurge haha.

Very comfy and elegant
Very accomodating din ang seller

Cute Sandals! Love the design and height

Already given in the title πŸ˜… I love the design, I know this is one of the trend sandals of summer 2023. Other IG stores have their own spin of it and Aztrid has it as well. And I knew very well that I go for Aztrid's quality. So yeah, try one and don't hesitate!

Photo here is me wearing the Joaquin White and Aztrid's bag Olga

Lyn M.
Casual Chic Bag vs. Simple Formal Bag

Have it for quite some time now and I must say, the quality is awesome! I have used it as casual bag for going out or going to concert. I have used it as simple medium bag for formal parties. Love it.

Sobrang ganda πŸ™ˆ I bought from another shop that sell this for 2150 each, mas maganda pa to guys hahaha. Thank you Aztrid!! Affordable yet so niceeee.

So pretty!!!

Didn’t expect it to be this pretty in person. Quality is also 🀌🏻🀌🏻

Nice shoes

Very comfy πŸ’• Super ganda ng quality


Looks and feels good

Love all your products

Gifted this ti my sister and she loved it, its her go-to sandals!

B1G2 Mazey Black
dianne g.

the two other pair of shoes were fine and pretty but this one.. nagppeel off na yung skin ng sandals, did you just gave an old stock?

Got one size higher same with the other shoes I got for B1G2 which fit me perfectly. However, for this one, the strap is a bit loose to me though it is still ok.
This gives an elegant look.

Love how it fits my feet.
This style is nice for those who have wide feet width.
Got one size higher than my usual size.

Got one size higher than my usual size. This is very comfy. Love it!

B1G2 Oslo Bone

im super inlove wt this sandal,dif. will buy again soon😍